Fotografia - Eha Onno
Photographs of British Columbia and more

Eha Onno

Remember those cameras with the cube that flashed and then turned 90° for a fresh flash? I got one of those for a birthday when I was 9 years old. I still have some of the images in an album; yes, the kind with paper,heavy paper, pages. Over the years my partner, Lisa, and I have accumulated variouscameras. I still have a SLR from the 1950s made by Pentax. Still one of my best cameras. For years I used a simple Minolta with no special lenses.  Now we own two digital Canons. We were going to buy one higher end camera, but knew one of us couldn't stand by while the other took photos. 

In the meantime I studied Fine Arts at the University of Washington and in the Education Faculty at the University of British Columbia. I received some awards for photography and have had a photograph selected and used for the cover of a book of poetry. Now I'm interested in exploring more close-up images, the abstract, and mixed media. Please give me some feedback in my Guestbook or by Contacting me. Thanks for your interest.